Peter Jagger

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At 51 Peter admittedly is no spring chicken, but do we care? Here he has made an album as fresh and vibrant as anything that you’ll hear today. He started his career in 1976, playing guitar with Hilary James and Simon Mayor, in their group ‘Spredthick’, an eclectic explosion of folk and blues, which reflected his own influences of English singer/songwriters and ragtime blues guitarists. Now, exactly 30 years later, he has released his first solo, acoustic album. It features 13 songs, all recorded as live takes, embellished beautifully with additional guitar and vocal tracks. Benefiting from the new digital recording techniques, this album has evolved over 5 years, recording in private places, at the artist’s own pace. Dark brown vocals, superb guitar playing and melodic, thoughtful songs all contribute to 50 minutes of patently real music. Interpretations of Maxime Le Forestier, Richard Thompson and Ralph McTell compliment Jagger’s original songs perfectly; the unfortunate power of commerce, requited and unrequited love, the destruction of the English language, the lot of the pub musician and the atmosphere of a small town bar are all covered, whilst Jagger’s Rag showcases Peter’s splendid fingerpicking style. With a wealth of experience of touring, radio and opening up for many major acts, Jagger is looking to open up new avenues of opportunity with this latest recording. Promotional trips to France, Holland and Germany are already planned, and there are hopes to raise his profile in the UK, especially in the highly competitive folk scene. Like his two previous CDs (The Rough Edge and Easy Listening), this eponymous album is released on Reinhard Finke’s excellent Valve Records label, based in Solingen, Germany. The telesales team have had all leave suspended in anticipation of the rush to acquire copies.